I don’t know how I got myself into this but apparently I am planning a stag party. True, it’s for my best friend John and I’d give the world to make that guy happy but I such at planning events. Thankfully my sister referred me to a Vancouver DJ company called Vancouver Wedding DJs, which she used to organize her wedding music with. They had an event planner that worked with her to get it all sorted. The music at her wedding last summer was wild, which is exactly what we need for this party. John is a party animal and nothing else will do. I’m thinking the stag party will be a boys weekend with a surprise party in[…]

Lots a tackle boxes out there, how do you choose the right one? And what do you put in it? AKA, what are you gonna need for you first day of fishing. You can really use anything with separators that works for you. Probably start small and as you build you collection of stuff, get a bigger box if you need. Or, if you think you’re gonna be out there every weekend or more, just go down to your local Canadian Tire and pick up a legit tackle box. Most of them look like this:   Now this is a good set-up: you got your lower container for miscellaneous large items and then smaller containers for bait, bobers etc. Alternatively[…]

You’re probably sitting here thinking, what the heck are Muskies? Well… muskie stands short for a type of fish called Muskellunge. Now that’s a mouthful! For anybody that likes to fish, they’ll know that they can be found in a lot of waters but are pretty uncommon and they look damn close to pikes and just as angry and dangerous. They are found as far south as Carolina and up here in Canada in the St. Lawrence river. Check out this bad boy: Captaindan.com Look at those teeth, pretty crazy eh? Well muskies are predators, they’ll everything including fish, shellfish, small birds, snakes all in one big gulp. Their razor teeth pointed inwards with catch anything and latch onto it[…]